The GAPS diet is a natural treatment for neurological and physical conditions in the body.

GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome and Gut Physiology Syndrome) establishes a connection between the state of a person’s digestive system and the health of the rest of their body. This term was created by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, MMedSci (neurology), MMedSci (human nutrition), after working with hundreds of adults and children dealing with different types of neurological and physical conditions.

We are living in a time, with a growing epidemic of people dealing with mental and physical illness, such as autism, spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD/ADD), schizophrenia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression, bi-polar disorder, auto-immune conditions, allergies, digestive disorders and more. The GAPS diet is a natural treatment for all these conditions and more.

Around ninety percent of the immune system is located in the digestive system (the gut), if the gut isn’t functioning properly, the rest of the body can’t function properly. A weak immunity is the true cause behind illness’s. Working on strengthening the gut, strengthens the immune system, which benefits all the functions in the body.

The GAPS diet provides the framework to heal the gut (the digestive system), through whole food and some supplementation. It encourages specific types of foods that are healing to the digestive system, while at the same time limiting certain types of carbohydrates that are damaging to the gut. People who are dealing with digestive sensitivity, cannot adequately digest carbohydrates, and the undigested food becomes fuel for the bad intestinal microbes, thus fueling disease in the body, The GAPS diet removes the food source for the bad microbes, and encourages large amounts of foods that aid in properly healing the digestive system.