Christina D.

Four years ago lab work showed I had celiac disease. I was told to never eat gluten again. I had never had digestive issues but I previously had been diagnosed with a serious illness, so I paid close attention to these test results. I met with a gluten consultant and set about the daunting task of eliminating all gluten in my life, including hidden sources such as shampoo and lipstick. Then, I went to see Jennifer Whitney. With her help and guidance on healing my gut through “real food” I can now eat gluten again when choosing wisely. I was equipped with the knowledge on how to choose and prepare nutrient dense foods. I was bit of a challenging case, being that I was a vegetarian who didnʼt cook, but Jenniferʼs compassion, gentle care and guidance helped me heal my gut and gluten issue.

Restoring Nutrition Cookbook

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