I had been suffering from extreme night terrors for about five years. I didn’t know what was causing them, and had a hard time explaining it. I would be awakened by a huge thud in the middle of my chest, then left with an extreme rapid heart beat, a feeling of fear. I went to five doctors, and each one recommended that I seek psychological help, so I did. Each doctor I visited, pronounced me sane, and that would be the end of it. I was getting very depressed, suffering from extreme anxiety, couldn’t drive, and worst of all felt suicidal. After going to a meeting about the GAPS diet, I decided to try it. I began working with Jennifer Whitney once a week, closely following the diet, and after the first week the extreme night terrors left me, and my anxiety and fear become less and less. I learned that my brain was not producing serotonin, which can happen with age, and I was depleting my adrenal glands with extreme fear. I’m continuing to move forward, working with Jennifer, closely following the GAPS program. I feel like I’ve reclaimed my life back.