Jennifer Whitney: Certified Wholistic Nutritionist

Jennifer Whitney is a Certified GAPS Practitioner and Certified Wholistic Nutritionist. She graduated from the Wellspring School for Healing Arts in 2012 and became a Certified GAPS practitioner in 2014. She is also trained in applied kinesiology and laser desensitization techniques. Jennifer has been trained in the Kelley Protocol by Pamela McDougle and specializes in providing customized nutrition programs and guidance to best fit your needs. She has helped hundreds of patients heal from major conditions through nutrition over the last seven years.  Jennifer has hosted GAPS retreats, taught cooking classes, given public speeches on nutrition and regularly appeared on the Doctor Michael Show from 2013–2014, teaching custom recipes and giving interviews on nutritional topics such as the GAPS Diet.

Scheduling: You can book an appointment with Jennifer in her north end office Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. Due to time constraints and the growing demand for her services, Jennifer is only able to work with a set number of clients per week and is generally booked out 2-3 weeks in advance. Please contact Jennifer directly if you are not able to schedule a time that works best for you. She can place you on the cancellation list and may be able to accommodate you in the event of a cancellation. The best way to contact Jennifer is through her email and she will do her best to get back to you in 24-48 hours. She is also available for long distance coaching for clients that can’t travel to Boise.